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As seen above, the Reticulated Python covers an enormous area of over half a million square miles throughout South East Asia.
This range includes many different countries and islands, of those the following are included:

Nicobar Islands,
Indo-Australian Archipelago (Sumatra, the Natuna Islands, Borneo, Sulawesi, Java, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Flores, Timor, Maluku, Tanimbar Islands),

As you can imagine, covering such a vast area has led to changes, both subtle and pronounced.

The most pronounced of these changes from the normal species type was the evolution of a “dwarf” race.

Within the pet trade today locality names have become fashionable for those animals which do not belong to a brightly colored morph. As such unscrupulous dealers have been known to intentionally label one locality animal as another in order to gain more money from the new owner.
The only way to effectively combat this is to catch your own animals in South East Asia and then fly them back to your own country. For many, this is simply not an option. So, the next best thing is to learn and know as much about the visual traits of each locality in order to form an educated opinion of the animal in front of you. Unfortunately, each and every animal differs slightly from all the others, whether they are from the same locality or not. This means that more often than not the “educated opinion” you have is no more than a well researched guess.

To aid with this research I have listed some of the most common localities available along a brief description of the common markings. Where easy to understand descriptions are unavailable i will simply upload as many photos for you to compare as possible. If you can add to the pages please send me your pictures.

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