Further Reading

This website is by no means the only source of information available on the reticulated python. I encourage everyone to learn as much as they can about this animal from where ever they can.

Over the years i have been fortunate enough to collect several scientific articles. Those that i have stored online can be found listed below:

Review of the reticulated python with the description of new subspecies from Indonesia (2002)
Python phylogenetics: inference from morphology and mitochondrial DNA (2008)
The allometry of life history traits: insights from a study of giant snakes (Python reticulatus)
Predation on Sun Bears by Reticulated python in east Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.
The influence of sex and body size on food habits of a giant tropical snake, Python reticulatus
Reticulated pythons in Sumatra: Biology, harvesting and sustainability
Haematopoiesis and a new mechanism for the release of mature blood cells from the bone marrow into the circulation in snakes (Ophidia)
Fine structural development of microgamonts os Sarcocystis singaporensis in Python reticulatus
Light and Electron Microscopic Observations of the Life Cycle of Sarcocystis orientalis sp. in the Rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the Malaysian Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus)
Exotic Reptile Bites
Giant Constrictors: Biological and Management profiles and an establishment risk assessment for 9 Large species of Pythons, Anacondas and the Boa constrictor

There have also been several articles published in hobbiest magazines. While i hold copies of these articles i have decided only to publish the names:

Big is Beautiful - Reptiles magazine, June 1997
The reproductive husbandry of Reticulated pythons - Reptiles magazine, November 1999
Reticulated pythons - Reptiles magazine, July 2002
Dwarf reticulated python - Reptile World magazine, May 2004
Reticulated pythons, Python Parade - November 2004

While there are few, in comparison to other species, some books can also be found with at the very least some interesting pages on the reticulated python:

Reticulated Python: The World's Longest Snake by Meish Goldish
Pythons and Boas by Gloria G. Schlaepfer and Mary Lou Samuelson
Pythons and Boas by Peter J. Stafford
Tales of Giant Snakes: A Historical Natural History of Anacondas and Pythons by John C. Murphy and Robert W. Henderson
The Giant Snakes by C.H.Pope
Snakes of the orient, a checklist by K.R.G. Welch
And of course, if you should be so lucky as to be able to obtain a copy, no reticulated python enthusiast should be without the one that started it all:
Historia Amphibiorum naturalis et literariae by Joann Gottlob Schneider

Please do contact me if you have any articles that i have not listed here. I am ALWAYS on the look out for more reticulated python information, no matter how brief.