Weather Ranges

When maintaining locality specific retics, no matter if they are captive bred or wild caught specimens, they may prefer different temperature and humidity ranges. You may find a specimen from Ambon prefers overall warmer temperatures than a specimen from Bali.

The following pages show the average temperatures of the areas listed. This is by no means a hard and fast temperature range to be adhered to. It is however here to aid with your research, giving you a starting point from which to base your temperature and humidity levels.

Each page consists of a table and a graph. The table contains monthly averages for both temperature (in Farenheit) and for rain levels (in days of rain per month).

You will notice that larger islands are broken up into seperate areas. These are to show the varying ranges over large isolated distances. It is also apparent that some areas seem to be missing additional data to fully cover set islands. For example, the southern region of Sumatra is covered but not the Northern, this is because the area has already been covered using another country, in this example Kuala Lumpur.