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Dan Fryer, Animal Consultant
For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in animals. This has led me to many different places throughout the world, connecting me with some truly inspirational characters and astounding creatures.

I have had the good fortune to work within private and public collections aswell as spending time working in both the retail and wholesale sectors of the companion animal market.

These people, places and animals have given me a wide perspective of the animal trade as whole, supported by my academic knowledge.

The services I provide draw from both my academic knowledge and real world experiences.
I look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the solution you are looking for.
Despite a keen interest in the animal kingdom, my early working life was spent in the British Armed forces. During which time I was able to aquire experience with the non-domestic animal trade as a hobbiest.
Following the end of my service and the completion of a Zoology Masters degree (Msc) I developed my experience in the retail and wholesale animal trade before spending time in the USA working with various animals and the public.

I have since moved to Canada where have been able to further my domestic animal knowledge through various courses and experience with an established rescue facility.

A complete resume is available on request.
Confidentiality is as important to me as it is my clients, as such I will not reveal the nature of work carried out for clients. Specific names of personel within organistions and/or forms of contact are never shared without express written permission. 

Clients have previously and currently included public zoological collections, rescue facilities, private collections and a government department.

Specific references, both personal and professional, are available on request. Online advice:
I can always be reached online for short or long term sessions involving the discussion of any animal based problem. Emails will be answered within a timely manner (usually under 24hrs).

Procedural solutions:
Providing animal handling/reaction procedures, animal care regulations or current legislation amendments.  All based on current best practice and regional/national legislation.

Physical attendance:
Depending on availability, I may be able to attend required facilities as either an extra handler, inspector or advisor.

Sourcing solutions:
Many years spent within the animal trade has provided me with a wide range of international contacts. This enables me to locate animals currently outstanding from your collection or I can locate, aquire and arrange transportation of animals on your behalf.

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