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Throughout history where one has concluded classification of a species another has sought to reclassify or further divide species in order to provide a more precise evaluation of life on earth. This has often led to disagreements and on occasion, confusion resulting in synonyms.

In this case the term “synonym” means that while two people can discuss two differently named animals they are, in fact, referring to the same creature. As you can see, the reticulated python is no stranger to this:

Class:   Reptilia
Order:   Squamata
Sub order:   Serpentes
Infra order:   Alethinophidia
Family:   Pythonidae
Genus:   Python
Species:   reticulatus
Sub Species:   Python reticulatus reticulatus (SCHNEIDER, 1801)
  Python reticulatus jampeanus (AULIYA et al. 2002)
  Python reticulatus saputrai (AULIYA et al. 2002)
Synonyms   Boa reticulata (SCHNEIDER 1801)
  Boa rhombeata (SCHNEIDER 1801)
  Boa Phrygia (SHAW 1802)
  Coluber Javanicus (SHAW 1802)
  Python Schneideri (MERREM 1820)
  Python reticulatus (FITZINGER 1826)
  Python reticulatus (DUMÉRIL & BIBRON 1844)
  Python reticulatus (BOULENGER 1893)
  Python reticulatus (SMITH 1943)
  Python reticulatus (HENDRICKSON 1966)
  Morelia reticulatus (WELCH 1988)
  Python reticulatus (KLUGE 1993)
  Python reticulatus (MANTHEY & GROSSMANN 1997)
  Python reticulatus (COX et al. 1998)
  Python reticulatus (MCDIARMID, CAMPBELL & TOURÉ 1999)
  Broghammerus reticulatus (HOSER 2004)
  Broghammerus reticulatus (RAWLINGS et al 2008)
Synonyms   Broghammerus reticulatus dalegibbonsi (HOSER 2004)
  Broghammerus reticulatus euanedwardsi (HOSER 2004)
  Broghammerus reticulatus haydnmacphiei (HOSER 2004)
  Broghammerus reticulatus neilsonnemani (HOSER 2004)
  Broghammerus reticulatus patrickcouperi (HOSER 2004)
  Broghammerus reticulatus stuartbigmorei (HOSER 2004)
  Python reticulatus jampeanus (AULIYA et al. 2002)
  Python reticulatus jampeanus (DE LANG & VOGEL 2005)
  Python reticulatus saputrai (AULIYA et al. 2002)
  Python reticulatus saputrai (DE LANG & VOGEL 2005)


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