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There are several pieces of equipment that retic owners should keep on hand when working with their animals, especially if they are wild caught. Do not underestimate the value of the equipment listed here, as it can become very handy in a sticky situation. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

A proper sized snake hook should always be maintained near the cage whenever the animal is being interacted with. The snake hook will allow you to keep distance between the keeper and one hundred teeth all coming towards you at a high rate of speed. As the snake matures you will find that a normal every day snake hook is of less and less use, I suggest you purchase a hook specially designed for this type of snake.

Spray Bottle of Vinegar/Whisky:
This can be a great ally in the event of a long bite. When bitten, spray the face of the snake. Once the snake tastes what has just been sprayed with, it will usually release its grip. The spray bottle allows the liquid to be dispensed quickly and accurately. Some keepers often suggest that hot water is also a good deterrent but this is rarely a practical idea unless you keep your snake in the bathroom. The main objective is to introduce a liquid that the snake finds so offensive that the bite is no longer worth the effort. Please make sure that what ever you use is not toxic before considering use. It would be a great shame to lose an animal through accidental poisoning

Snake Bag:
A proper sized snake bag that can contain a large snake is an invaluable tool. If the animal ever has to be moved from their cage, it is vital that the snake has a bag that can properly accommodate its size. It is usually necessary to make your own snake bag for large snakes. All that is needed to make a snake bag is a duvet case and some extra thread and a length of rope. It is recommended that the bag be at least double stitched in order to make sure that it is strong enough. There is a lot of pressure put on the stitching of the bottom of the bag so here it is recommended that triple stitching is carried out. The rope is stitched onto one side of the duvet, on the seem line, about 12-18 inches from the opening. This enables you to tie off the bag securing the snake without having to reduce the amount of space available. Remember that should the snake feel the need it will strike at you through the fabric, many people make this mistake and have the scars to prove it.